Web Development

Web development is fun and learning new languages, functions, and ways to combine these tools to create something new is exciting. The languages I know and work with are:

  • PHP / MySQL
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Flash / Actionscript

CoachSide Video Coaching

In 2009 I went back to school for a master’s in Instructional Technology. This was my final creative project. A combination of uploading, converting, and playing videos, all synced with a database to give athletes and coaches a simple, streamlined tool.

The Spam Free System

Spam Free was a project I worked on from the Fall of 2009 to the Fall of 2010. I took a simple membership script and by adding a few new features and tools, turned it into a system that worked as follows:

  • User could create an account with months payments handled by PayPal
  • Once created, they could add a website to their account on which they would like to display the seal
  • The system would automatically generate the HTML code needed to place the seal on their site
  • When visitors clicked on their seal, a window would pop up displaying their spam free report that was generated by spam reports from their list members

I also took a simple affiliate script and integrated it with the PayPal IPN from the original script so they worked in tandem. Lacking detailed stats, I also wrote a few functions to display CSS based charts of recent affiliate statistics.

WP Ski Resort Custom Theme

After running SlopeFillers for a few months, I saw an immediate need for smaller ski areas to be able to create a good looking website without paying an arm and a leg for me. My solution? A free, customizable wordpress theme that uses the WP Options feature to have all the variables easily updateable from within the WordPress admin dashboard. Some of the features are:

  • Rotating images on main landing page using Nivo Slider
  • Quick-update snow report
  • A variety of background, color, and image schemes to fit the resort’s brand
  • Custom logo use and positioning

Pretty straight forward but a very useful and successful project.

To Do List

I wanted to create a self-hosted PHP script that I could use to run a simple to do list. Nothing i was using worked as quickly as I wanted so I wrote this little database-driven diddy. It works like this:

  • Securely login and stores login data as a session
  • The text for each item is editable for easy updating
  • Progress tracking for each item
  • One-click deleting rather than a confirmed deletion
  • Sizing and layout for mobile viewing

Simple but effective, a mantra I try to stick to with most of my work.

Hi, I'm Gregg.

I design, build, and grow SaaS tools for marketers.


By day I oversee marketing and strategy for resort CRM / ecommerce provider, Inntopia. After the kids go to bed my laptop is my workshop as I build my own suite of marketing tools called PeakFeed....
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