February 28, 2024

Going Bigger

So, I built a competitor monitoring tool for email called SendView. It’s been around longer, has better features, has more positive reviews than any other competitor email platform.

Yet if you search for “competitor analysis tools” what you’ll find is a collection of posts that include roughly the same list of 8-10 tools over and over and over again. Someone wrote a post a couple years ago, it ranked well, and ever since any marketer who wants to chase these keywords is basically copy/pasting the same list into their post, changing a few things, and hitting publish.

Except me.

Yesterday I launched my effort to rank for these terms.

Initially I was going to create a separate page and domain for it (I still might), but for now I’m putting it right on SendView. The gist is I’ve created a list of 60+ competitor analysis tools and I’ll keep adding until every tool I can find is included. It will be comprehensive, frequently changing, and hopefully start to work its way up the rankings.

If it can, I think it could be a huge win for SlopeFillers. If it doesn’t? Well, lesson learned.

Here’s the page:

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