Search Engine Optimization is often misunderstood but always available as an additional source of free, high-quality traffic.  Some of my results:

When I started working with TimeClick, they were focusing on the two biggest searches for their industry:

  • time clock software
  • timeclock software

Unfortunately, their SERPs were hovering in the mid 40’s. Within about 6 months we were nearing the top 5, and currently we hold the #2 spot for both keyword strings.

SN Snowmaking
My personal project has always been a fun challenge for SEO as some of the competitors have taken this area of marketing more seriously than many other parts of their businesses. There are a few keyword strings I target for this SEO campaign:

  • home snowmaking
  • home snow making
  • home snowmaker
  • home snow maker

Right now we hold the #1 spot for the last two and the #4 spot for the first two mentioned above.

This blog is a fun testing ground for SEO. Rankings are not something I am actively trying to improve through normal SEO tactics. The main keyword string that describes the blog is:

  • ski resort marketing

So I designed the site with a few, simple on-page elements to encourage rankings. Then, I do the bare minimum, just a few things here and there but no more than an hour a month. The result? Right now the blog sits in the #5 position on Google.

Aside from these, I have helped past clients in recent years gain top 10 Google rankings for nearly 30 different keyword strings, including:

  • seattle bounce house
  • bounce house rental
  • teen business ideas
  • portable rope tow
  • spam free
  • computer confidence classes
  • college golf bags
  • college lamps
  • college diploma frames
  • and more.
Hi, I'm Gregg.

I design, build, and grow SaaS tools for marketers.


By day I oversee marketing and strategy for resort CRM / ecommerce provider, Inntopia. After the kids go to bed my laptop is my workshop as I build my own suite of marketing tools called PeakFeed....
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