January 10, 2020

A Different Kind of Story

Inntopia is a people-powered company. Other CRM invest in sales, we invest in support.

But that’s easy to say. And, to be fair, a ton of companies have said that very thing. So one of the biggest challenges I’ve found as of late is getting that point across in text and graphics in a way that feels authentic and sincere.

Eventually, I realized that in order to make the story more human, I had to get a human (rather than HTML) to tell the story.

Specifically, me.

The result is a very different type of B2B content.

You’re looking someone in the eyes, but there isn’t quite the the same level of scripting folks are use to. And it’s not a hard sell. Instead, it’s just me telling a story and you listening.

It’s a little disarming, maybe? Perhaps even refreshing?

Whatever the right label is, it’s definitely not perfect. But for my first attempt? I’m happy with the direction and with a little practice (and maybe a camera upgrade) I’d expect it to get even better.

Update: The first story has been received so well, I published another a few weeks later for our Commerce line of business.

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