April 17, 2020

A Simple Goal

Over and over again, I come to a simple goal for this stretch of Inntopia’s brand:

Help out customers get through this.

Today, “this” is COVID-19.

But the more I think about this as a one-line strategy, the more I like it for longer than 2020. Because next year “this” could be a low snow year. It could be a sluggish economy. It could be changes in email strategy or shifting behaviors among guests.

No matter the situation, there will always be challenges. There will always be some this to help our customers through.

And if we can help them through each one? I think we’ll be in a good place.

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Hi, I'm Gregg.

I'm a SaaS marketer and maker.


Never heard of me? All good, these days I don't chase influence as much as I do balance. By day I run marketing for Inntopia and evenings see me building SendView, but my happy place is playing in the mountains with my family.