July 9, 2014

How many of your Twitter followers are still active?

I’d had this question over and over and over, so I finally built a tool to answer it for me. That’s ActiveRank.

And it answers it by looking a very easily accessible data point within Twitter’s API framework. That being a user’s last tweet date. What this tool does is scans up to 10,000 of your followers and breaks them up by how recently they’ve been active enough to tweet.

It’s not a perfect measure, but given API rate limits it gets really close to the actual number really quickly.


For example, on my personal account that exploded with followers 6-7 years ago but has seen average growth since then, you’d expect to see it skew toward inactive.


And it does.

Running it for a brand new account like PeakFeed, you’d expect to see it skew toward very active.


But for an account that’s been consistently updated and has grown steadily for 5+ years, you’d expect something right in the middle.


And you do.

Reports are in PDF format and delivered within about 20-40 minutes to the email address you use when you check out.

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Hi, I'm Gregg.

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