May 15, 2020

Better & Better

A few times I’ve talked about if we should continue to build a product that people already love, and the moral of that story thus far is making things better instead of just making something new.

This is one of those things.

We took our Inbox feature that a lot of users really love, added a couple requests we’d heard from users, cleaned up a few things that we’d built but not built as well as it could have been, and wrapped it all up into a brand new version that’s not new or different or gamechanging, just better.

Unless the market dictates a major overhaul or direction change, I like this mindset of taking what you already have and making it better.

Your customers get something even snazzier than what they paid for initially, and you send the message that you’re ready and willing to act on the ideas and feedback they share (which makes folks more likely to share in the future).

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