May 29, 2020

Complexity vs Disorganization

I’ve talked a lot about my craving for simplicity.

As I’ve tried to figure out how to do fewer things better, I’ve gone around and around with what to say not to, what to call this series, how to merge these things, and whether nows a good time to blend in some ideas we haven’t yet pursued.

In the end, what I decided to move forward with was an incredibly simple solution to my problem.

And the solution? It was simply a matter of better organizing things.

Two thoughts come to mind with this.


I’ve recognized many times that I am not the most organized person and it’s an attribute I’ve made a conscious effort to improve as of late. This was an interesting realization that this bad habit might be fighting directly against my desire for simplicity.


But it’s also a good realization that, my orgazation skills unchanged, why simplicity is such a good ally for me. Once an idea ventures into complexity and I lose a handle on it, that thing can swell pretty quickly and I may really struggle to get it under control.

So, a good direction going forward and a good lesson about myself to be aware of, and improve on, along the way.

I’ll take it.

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