May 24, 2020

Fewer Things: Part II

Back in February I was talking about how I was going to try to trim the marketing fat and do fewer things, better.

Right now I have about 7 areas I work on. These changes would add another 3 or so to that list. But instead of trying to do all 10 or find a new set of 7 from those 10, I’m thinking more and more about narrowing down my focus to a core group of 3 or 4 instead.

This week made me realize that I didn’t succeed at the time – partly because two weeks later was when COVID-19 quickly became a thing – and it’s now more necessary than ever.

So this week was a combination of three things:

  • An honest audit of all the things we’re trying to do
  • A first attempt at identifying the stuff we can sustainably do
  • What my role should be in making it happen

For example, by my count we create more than 12 different types of content at Inntopia. For a soon-to-be one-man marketing team? That’s not sustainable. But all of it is valuable to some people at some time.

So the next few weeks will be very much an exercise in evaluating the ROI of each type and being honest with myself about the results.

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