April 5, 2021

Four resources to help you send me better cold emails.

You’re here because the cold email you sent me didn’t pass my criteria for email outreach I read, consider, and/or respond to.

Not too worry, here are a few resources I’d suggest to help. The good news is that not only will I be more likely to respond, so will everyone else you reach out to as well.

Max Ogles’ Quality-First Approach

Max has a really nice, simple framework for outreach that gets him incredibly solid response rates. I’ve seen this work as well with my own outreach and the people who reach out to me.
Check Out Max’s Approach →

Study Other Companies

One of the most surprising use-cases of SendView – a tool designed for marketers – is how many sales and business development teams use it. Create a tracking email address for your competitors, fill out their lead forms, and learn better ways to approach email outreach.
Take a Closer Look at SendView →

Don’t Use Spammy Software

Using something like Salesloft? Man, 99% of the emails I get sent by that platform are trash. The default formatting and language and lack of personalization are all red flags. Something like Persist, however? The platform tends to help you send better emails.
Explore Persist →

Julian Shaprio’s B2B Sales Handbook

It’s a bit more prescriptive than others, but if you follow his guidelines and principles you’ll have an email that myself and others are much more likely to read and consider.
Read Julian’s Handbook →

Sales is a tough job. Cold email is even tougher. But hopefully these resources help you get a bit more out of your daily efforts.

Good luck!

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