April 3, 2020

Goggles for Docs

On Sunday morning I got an email from my boss. He’d been forwarded an email about doctors wondering if they could get ski goggles to use as face protection when treating patients with COVID-19. He wondered what we could do to help.

So I got in touch with the guy trying to get things going – Jon Schaefer, the Owner and GM of Berkshire East Resort – and we jumped on the phone. There were a few things that needed to be done, but one thing became clear very quickly: they needed a central place to send people to learn about and get involved in the initiative. They needed a website.

The logo was made by another volunteer about 3 days into the project.

That’s one thing I can definitely help with. So I grabbed a design I’d used for another recent project, spun up a little hosting, grabbed an SSL certificate, and two hours later we were ready to roll.

Goggles for Docs was born.

Word got out and folks latched onto the idea in a way I had never seen before. I expected Monday morning to be nothing more than a couple quick updates and then my usual 9-5, but within a few hours I knew this would be different. Thousands upon thousands of goggles were being donated from across the country. Within 48 hours almost 5,000 goggles had been shipped. Today, exactly five days from the launch of the size, more than 10,000 goggles have been donated.

And there’s no sign of anything slowing down.

It’s a rough time for everyone. And I wasn’t expect to have another part time job this last week. But I’m glad it did.

It was incredible to make a difference to those on the front lines. It was incredible to see the entire industry – resorts, skiers, gear brands, boarders, etc. – all band together. And it was incredible to see such a clear, instant example of what you could very wall call product market fit.

I have no idea where Goggles for Docs will go from here, but it’ll be cool to watch regardless of the outcome.

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