November 12, 2017

Real world? Good people.

I just got back from a week-long trip to New England for work. Along the way I met lots of people – dozens, maybe hundreds, of them – but I didn’t meet any jerks.

You know, all those people the evening news parades in front our eyeballs each night.

The haters, the trolls, the jerks.

Every time I scroll through Twitter I wonder what fate awaits such a species in disarray, but every time I get outside of my home or office I’m reminded that the world isn’t full of jerks at all.

On the contrary, it’s full of genuinely good people.

Travel is the perfect example of what I mean, at a time when impatience should be on full display, you see the opposite.

People like the 6’6″ bodybuilder on my Delta flight yesterday who gently helped the elderly woman in the seat next to him down the airplane aisle to the bathroom.

People like Claire who I met before a recent Southwest flight. She boarded before me, sat in an aisle seat until I came, and then moved to the center because she knew I’d be more comfortable with the leg room.

People like those in rows 15-20 who smiled and laughed as they passed a heavy carry-on up to a passenger who was moved to a new seat by the flight attendance but didn’t get up quick enough after landing to beat the rush.

It’s easy to think the world is full of dirt bags. We’re surrounded with that message.

But I’m doing my best to believe, until proven otherwise, that the opposite is true. That the dirt bags are the rare exception, and kind, considerate people are the norm.

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