March 13, 2020

Just Do It

I’ve been really happy with the progress Patrick and I have made on our planning meetings. We don’t have to touch base nearly as frequently as we used to, which leaves more time for doing the work.

And I’ve also loved having a simple list of tasks for each month once we finish each planning meeting.

It keeps me on task…until I go rogue, like I did this weekend :)

With COVID-19 going from a sorta big deal to massive concern almost overnight, marketers like myself were left wondering how to communicate. One of the best ways to do so is to watch brands like yours. Turns out, that’s the whole point of our platform.

So in about three hours I:

  • Wrote some rules to start flagging coronavirus-related emails in the database
  • Created a report to show the frequency of these emails from each brand
  • Added tools to the inbox to more easily find these emails
  • Put a few more details in the Dashboards about it
  • And wrote a blog post with an overview of the changes.

As helpful as our process and plans have been, it was a great reminder that sometimes there isn’t time to put your heads together or check in first or whatever.

Something is happening, you see something that can help, and you have a pull a Nike and just do it.

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