March 19, 2021

Marketing Isn’t Enough

Intel just released a series of new ads featured the “I’m a Mac” guy from a decade or two ago.

They’re clever, but the tech folks were quick to point out that they’re in a losing battle. The M1 chip, for example, is crushing them.

Exhibit A: The first two comments on that video above.

This is literally Intel admitting they’re being tag teamed by AMD and Apple

Apple is laughing knowing that Intel is terrified and desperate.

But, man, I can certainly empathize with their marketing team. Why? Because it’s not their fault the company isn’t innovating. Intel’s marketing leaders probably have a voice in product conversations. But the final say? Or the power to change the product?

Not even close.

So they’re got a hand they’ve been dealt – good tech, but not great vs strong competitors – and they’re doing the best they can with those cards.

Will it help? Yes.

Is it enough? No.

I think about it this way. Product demand is like a straight line on a graph. What marketing can do is change it’s trajectory by a few degrees.

  • If demand is flat, it can get it going up.
  • If demand is going up, it can accelerate it.
  • It demand is going down, it can bring it closer to flat (or maybe slightly up)

But if the demand is dropping quickly? Marketing may be able to slow the descent, but it can’t turn it around without some help from the product.

As much as I love and believe in what I do, sometimes marketing isn’t enough.

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