January 17, 2020


Three weeks ago when I started this little journal, I said this about the state of SendView.

Traffic is slowly climbing, conversion rate is looking good…[I’m] excited that, if we continue to be consistent with the small stuff…that 2020 could be a great year for SendView.

Since then, it was kinda slow. Slow enough that I started to get a little impatient and started to think more about what levers I could pull. Levers that probably aren’t the best in the long term.

Then, this week, we had one really good day.

And just like that, I wasn’t back to having a clear, optimistic, long-term view.

More often than not, the answer to a lot of what I think are challenges is just patience. Realizing that the up-and-to-the-rights I see are usually smoothed curves of jagged, up-and-down graphs. And remembering – both during the lows and the highs – to take a deep breath and see a slightly bigger picture.

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Hi, I'm Gregg.

I'm a SaaS marketer and maker.


Never heard of me? All good, these days I don't chase influence as much as I do balance. By day I run marketing for Inntopia and evenings see me building SendView, but my happy place is playing in the mountains with my family.