January 24, 2020


I think my biggest, generic challenge (as opposed to the little, one-off fires I put out on any given day) is maintaining the right priorities.

For example, I’ve been trying to some bigger, branding-style plays off the ground for a couple months now. You could actually say a couple years if you go back to my first stint running marketing. I really feel this is critical for the longer term health and success of the company.

Before, the hurdles were things like me micromanaging and not giving my team enough autonomy.

Things that really didn’t do any good for anyone.

Today, it’s different. I’ve got some skills that allow me to support the sales team in ways nobody else in the company really can. I’m not really offering it up, but the impact it has on moving a potential client closer to the finish line makes it feel like decision to help is a no-brainer.

So, when these requests come up, I do my best to carve out some time to lend a hand.

As one of the lone designers in the company, I’m often asked to help on UX/UI work.

But, that carving usually means those longer-term ideas and goals get postponed again and again and again.

So, on Fridays like this one when I sit back and review my week, I can’t help but ask myself:

Am I making the right call? Should I be sacrificing the long-term priorities for the short term needs? Or so I cut out the short term so that I can keep the top-of-funnel sustainable and growing?

There’s no easy answer, but it’s one I ask a lot. I think I’m juggling those balls fairly well, but every once in a while when the longer-term stuff is a little bit down (brand awareness, organic leads, etc.), I can’t help but wonder.

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