November 3, 2019

The Fun of Focus

For as long as I’ve had side projects, I’ve always had more than one at a time.

An old one I started a couple years ago that fizzled but not enough to drop. That new fun idea I began last month, maybe another with a ceiling but still in need of support.

Even when I made them more of a business with PeakFeed, 2-3 products were always on the table.

Over the last few months, however, I’ve started to do something I’ve never really done before. I’ve focused 100% on a single product. That product being SendView.

Almost instantly, a few things started to happen as I stopped dividing my attention between so more goals and bugs and needs and tasks:

  • My code began to get better
  • The features I was adding were more thoughtful and useful
  • Foundational marketing ideas I just hadn’t had time for got checked off the list
  • I started being more confident in our platform’s ability to scale
  • Pesky UI and design challenges were finally solved

And then one day last week I hit refresh one more time on a page I’d been working on.

svpage (1)

And I said to myself,

“Wow…this isn’t just a fun little tool anymore, this is becoming a thing. This has some potential.”

And that was, well, really cool.

The Fun of Focus
But more than cool, it was fun. It was fun to see those efforts accumulate rather than get left behind. It was fun to see little ol’ Gregg Blanchard’s morning/weekend jam sessions start to get on par with the big guys.

Rather than get bored, I got energized.

And that extra bit of revenue and momentum we got along the way? The cherry on top.

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Hi, I'm Gregg.

I'm a SaaS marketer and maker.


Never heard of me? All good, these days I don't chase influence as much as I do balance. By day I run marketing for Inntopia and evenings see me building SendView, but my happy place is playing in the mountains with my family.