June 11, 2017

The “good life” paradox.

It’s hard to open Medium and not see at least one.

They’re everywhere, get absurd numbers of recommendations, reach for our most core desires and hopes, and sell us on bigger or better or different or unique ways to do the same thing.

The topic?


We are surrounded by people saying they’ve figured out a hack for “the good life.” For making more money, for getting up earlier, for being happier, for climbing the career ladder, for finding your passion and maintaining the drive to follow it.

But I want to ask a very simple question.

What if “the good life” doesn’t involve constantly analyzing your way of living to the point that you can eloquently describe it?

Think about it this way.

If someone misses a sunset because they’re too worried about Instagramming it, we harangue them for not “living in the moment.” But when you ponder such a scenario one layer deeper, you quickly realize that some of the people we trust for life advice must be so constantly concerned with how they’re living, they probably don’t take much time to just…well…live.

Their brains endlessly trying to turn habits and lessons and events into the catchy titles for future posts.

Always trying to photograph the sunset instead of just enjoy it.

So, again, I posit whether this level of constant introspection makes up the elusive principles behind a truly good, happy, fulfilling life.

Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t.

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