November 27, 2017

Clever, approachable, and smart with Coach.

There are quite a few ways to sell digital products and courses online, but one that’s really caught my eye as of late is Coach.

Their tagline looks familiar:

Sell online courses and digital products from your own beautiful storefront in seconds.

But some of the ways they present their message and product have inspired some of my own work.

#1) Visual focus on key details.
The concept that resonated the most was the way they showcased screenshots of their product. Instead of showing every last detail, they only show what truly matters.


So often it’s those little details that are more distracting than useful in this context. By using gray blocks as placeholders it’s clear there’s content there but it focuses your attention on the key aspects of the screenshot and product.

#2) Serious, but not too.
It can be incredibly hard to balance approachable with trustworthy when building a brand. Coach does this really well with everything from the graphics to the pricing table.


The product’s quality and features show Coach is serious, but the playful tone sets an equally important vibe that they aren’t too serious which I think is a really smart move for a company that will be dealing primarily with individuals.

#3) One narrow column.
When I build out a new landing page I often feel some weird need to keep the width of each content block similar to one another. But when I saw Coach’s testimonials section at the bottom (notice, again, the playful tone)…


…I realized that not only did I not mind the space left on either side of the content, but I liked the way it guided my eyes down the page sequentially rather than jumping from column to column like you often see with grids of quotes and testimonials.

Point to Point
Those are three simple things, but they really do combine to create a strong landing page that is easy to digest visually. That simplicity makes it extremely easy to identify and move between key points.

Great work by their team. Really sharp stuff.

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